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When you become certified, your knowledge, efficiency and productivity increase, elevating your professional value and opportunity for advancement. Plus, you’ll build credibility by possessing a professional designation that is recognized around the world; grow personally and professionally; and have more confidence when tackling assignments. 

You CAN do this. You’re *already* using the technology!
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The 5 Quickest Steps to MOS Certification
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What You Will Learn From This Session:
Types of MOS certification
Determine which certification path to pursue and exactly which exams to take -- and which ones to skip -- based on your goals.
Preparing for your certification exams
Discover Vickie's recommended approach when preparing for your exams and which exam to tackle first.
The time and financial investment involved
Understand how much effort, time, and money it takes to pursue certification and how quickly you can get this done.
Vickie Sokol Evans
Microsoft Certified Trainer
About The Speaker:
Vickie Sokol Evans, Founder of The Red Cape Company, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 20 certifications.  Vickie had no idea certification for Microsoft Office was even a thing when in 2005, she overheard her colleague Lisa mention it to another adult learner in the class Vickie was teaching.  At the time Vickie had 10 years' experience using Microsoft Office and 7 years' experience teaching it. After interrogating Lisa, Vickie's only witness to this new phenomenon, Vickie did quite a bit of research on Microsoft's website about the certification options and bought stacks and stacks of books to prepare for her first set of exams. 

Since then she's successfully studied for and passed 17 "Core" and "Expert" exams on her first try and has perfected the MOS certification process despite Microsoft's and Certiport's valiant attempts to throw us off the path by changing exam formats and certification paths.  

While she is forbidden to tell you what's on the exams, she can shorten the amount of time it takes for you and your entire team to get certified in the programs you use every day. Plus, she'll share ideas on the best way to prepare for exam day.

You'll wonder why you didn't pursue certification sooner. She did. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I have questions while watching the On-Demand Webinar?
This is a webinar that Vickie hosted live and took questions during. Watch to the end to see if your question was asked or not. If not, you can submit your question(s) for Vickie by emailing 
Does this session apply to Mac?
MOS Certification is only available for Office for PC. There currently isn't certification available for Office for Mac users.